Digital R&D podcast 1: UCG, social media & audience curation

The Arts Council has now launched the first two episodes in the series of six Arts digital R&D podcast audio podcast programmes.   The series, hosted by arts and culture broadcaster and journalist John Wilson (who I didnt get to meet), the aim is to explore the innovative use of digital technology in the arts and cultural sectors.  Each programme in the series will focus on one of the themes at the core of the Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture (I’m holding my tongue about the New Digital Fund… thats for another post): User generated content and social media; Digital distribution and exhibition; Mobile, location and games; Data and archives; Resources; and Education and learning.

Carolyn and myself are featured in episode 1. It was really fun to make and the guys at MontyFunk were brilliant.  We had our extensive 45min interview about the Social Interpretation project at IWM whittled down to 5minutes, so understandably some key elements were overlooked.  But the programme does raise some interesting points about social media and UCG in cultural spaces.


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